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Sunchild News - November 2014

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This is the loader we rented to excavate the airstrip. Colby had run them before and did the entire strip.

We had to remove the top layer of tree roots & sod so the ground could be leveled and smoothed.

We had to cut and remove the trees first. The strip has an uphill slope, which makes it a one way strip, land uphill and takeoff downhill.

The first step was to clear the ground for the runway, then after this was taken we cut the tress to widen the sides.

The drag worked very well to smooth out the ground. In the spring we will plant grass.

Logan and Colby replaced an axle bearing. To get the axle out we had to remove parts in the differential. After several days work and a trip to town for parts it was a success. Then we found out that bearing wasn't the problem..it was probably the pinion bearing. So that job will have to be done now in the snow & cold.

We always try to get a trip out to the mountains with the volunteers. I had found a "possible" meteorite several years ago about 3 days hike up White Rabbit creek, but had to leave it because I was on a two week hike and couldn't carry it that far. So the thought was to try and get it. We tried, but we ran out of time, as the boys plane was leaving and we could only be gone two days.

We had a good time learning the trails better for the next time.

I'm using a lot of Logans pictures here and he couldn't take pictures of himself, so I haven't posted many of him. So here he is...

...and here also...After the boys left, on Oct. 30, the weather has changed drastically. Now we have almost a foot of snow and tonight it is supposed to hit 20 below.

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