Karen's November Article

A Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean

A carrot, egg or coffee bean is a sermon I preached a few Sundays ago. Even just saying I am sorry or writing a note of apology can bring a sweet fragrance like coffee into a scene that is under pressure like boiling hot water.

A carrot gets squishy and completely falls apart and is no good to anyone. An egg in boiling hot water gets hard, but a coffee bean changes the water around it.

The other day I talked with David, our son, about how I did good for his dog when I kept him here tightly chained up, so he wouldn't learn the habits of the dogs that chase cars. The dog wanted to do what seemed natural, but it would have been bad in the long run; so this summer I was a coffee bean to him.

Also this summer the little mission here was a coffee bean to 50 volunteer workers plus local kids.

It was a busy time for me arranging all the activity, and doing all the scheduling of events, but I am so glad it was all in God's will and He truly blessed it. Rodger and I have been at this mission,here at Sunchild, for over 30 years and often times we feel like the enemy has tried to close the doors to the little church here, but faithful people have stood by us in prayer and in doing whatever had to be done to fight the spiritual battle. The Gospel is still being planted in the hearts of people. Thank you so much for your prayers. Rodger has enough pictures on the web page this time so I won't add any. Again I just want to say,” Thank you for your prayers and God bless all of you!” Karen

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