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Sunchild News - November 2014

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Dear Friends,

This is one of Sunday teams we had recently on Oct. 19th. Altogether we 18 workers. After the picture below was taken a van of Korean workers came from the Korean church in Calgary.

In June a family of our friends came for a week from Norway and stayed at the mission helping out. Jane, Edward, and Maya are here, husband Roger is taking the picture, and Christine from the Yukon is also with them.

On July 12th we picked up this team from the Greencastle, Pennsylvania First Methodist Church. We took 2 vans and a pickup truck to the Edmonton International airport to haul them.They came under the Priority One organization in Chambersburg which has been sending us teams for years now.

The work project for the team was to build an airplane hanger for our Outreach base here at the mission. Before the team got here I rented this drill and dug the holes for the posts. The hanger is a post and beam type construction. On page 2 of this letter we have the background information about the airstrip. It is very exciting for us.

Here the walls are going up, which is about as far as we got the first week.

Here the trusses are being unloaded. The Greencastle church also raised funds to pay for much of these materials.

Meals were in the gazebo which was about the only place large enough. David and his family from Calgary were the cooks again this year, as they have been for the past several years.

This first team held the Sunchild VBS. This picture in the church is pretty much the same every year with people packed in all over the floor. The kids tend to adopt whoever will accept them as a friend. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

This is one of the classes with their craft.

And another one with some of the staff included.

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