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These articles cover a variety of themes. Some are edited from other sources, and some have been written for this page.

I Received a Letter From Rodger Rinker

A Heavenly Richard Wurmbrand

The Tiny Foot

God's Sovereign Rodger Rinker
Part 1- God Speaks
Part 2- The Icy River
Part 3- The Flying Jeep
Part 4- A Ride on a Tree
Part 5- The Angel
Part 6- The Truck
Part 7- The Nail
Part 8, A- The Outhouse Boat
Part 8, B- The Outhouse Boat
Part 9- Conclusion

Gift of Rodger Rinker

In The Beginning Was Information

Excerpts from a book review on the DNA, genetic code. Length-about 50 lines.

Search For The Bible

Indian Chiefs travel to St. Louis to plead for a Bible. Length - about 100 lines.

Information Please

..Reading length about 100 lines.

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