In The Beginning

Condensed from the article "Does Information Run Your Life?" by Margaret Helder, in the publication Creation Science Dialog,volume 25-#3

This article is a review of a book by German author, Dr. Werner Gitt, entitled In The Beginning Was Information. Dr. Gitt defines information and communication as existing distinct from matter and energy, and then blows your socks off with some facts about the existence of an incredible amount of information which is communicated in a coded language prior to the construction of every cell in your body!

Please bear with the introduction and follow it through...this is absolutely incredible! Dr. Gitt is currently director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology. He begins by explaining what information and communication is, so that when we see it existing in our body, in great magnitude, we can recognize the significance it has as being designed by God. Information is always an idea. It is not matter or energy. In order to communicate any idea one needs a code or language, which must consist of a uniquely defined set of symbols, and they must be presented irregularly, but not randomly (not originating by chance), nor can it be explained as the result of a chemical or physical process. It can only be recognized when it can be read. Physical matter is unable to generate any codes. A thinking being is required for a code which yields information. His point is then made how information controls all processes in living cells. The DNA genetic code controls the operation of each and every living cell. There are 50,000 different proteins in the human body. Each has a very particular function. In order for a cell to manufacture any given protein, the chemical formula must be communicated to the cell as well as the method by which it is to be produced. The cell needs a coding system to identify the precise order in which the 20 different amino acids are to be attached together. The cell also needs to know when and where to produce any given protein.

During division of a cell, smaller than a speck of dust, the contained information is completely copied. This process is equivalent of correctly copying within 20 to 80 minutes, the contents of 500,000 pages of writing!! The genetic code takes the form of four symbols which are combined in various arrangements of three to represent the 20 different amino acids. The author examines various alphabets and their characters, and then shows that the system we see in DNA is, from an engineering perspective, the most efficient in terms of minimum storage requirements and ease of copying correctly. He has already established that DNA is an abstract representation of material realities. Of DNA he remarks:"...this is a true coding system. Three chemical letters comprise the code for a certain amino acid, but the acid itself is not present, neither spatially nor temporally...; it is not even present elsewhere. The acid itself is only synthesized at a latter stage according to the code which substitutes for it." Each tiny cell stores the equivalent of a library, and like all information, it requires a sender exercising his own volition.This fact immediately excludes any model of origins which is based solely on chemical or physical processes. The system is obviously the product of ...GOD.

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Recommended for adults with an interest in science, math, or linguistics.

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