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Sunchild News - November 2014

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When we took the first team back to the airport we picked up the 2nd team. Below the 2nd team is posing with two ouf our girls that rode to the airport with us. Holly, knelling in the front, is in both team pictures because she is the team representive from Priority One. Some of you Frostburg folks might remember Mike Cooper, whose face is on the yellow sun, as he used to play football for Keyser State.

So, the work project of building the hanger moved on with the 2nd team. To see this come to reality is a very special blessing for me. When we moved to this location, after being flooded out in 1986, we choose it because it was a good place for an airstrip and base for Outreach operations. However we haven't been able to see that happen until this year. It has been a constant dream that we thought would never happen. We leased land at the Rocky airport to build there, but God has blessed us, in this my 50th year anniversary since starting mission work, by making it happen right here. It was in the hearts of these teams to do this here as well. When they first contacted us I was making plans to build in Rocky, but they wanted to do it right here, although they had never been here before. In this next picture the trusses are going up. They had to devise an ingenious way to do it with the tools we had out here in the bush.

This is David and Rose from the Korean church in Calgary. They have served as cooks for the teams for the last several years, and have done a wonderful job.

I'm sorry I can't feature everyone on the teams with a special picture, but I using what I have. This is Jessica and Andrea.

David, at the saw was our expert. Without him I'm have no idea how this would have turned out. Logan and Matt are waiting to see the outcome here.

Pastor Stacy and wife Lisa remade our church sign which had been rescued from a garbage pile when we moved back.

Our son Joshua and his wife Cheri got to drop in for quick visit this summer. He has been on a large ranch in Montana. God has been very good to him. He has been fortunate to spend much of his life doing what he loves to do.

Here's the old folks with Josh.

A picture from the Bighorn VBS

We babysitted our son David's dog, Thor. Thor has problems, which everyone quickly experienced, but patiently endured.

We had a baptism again when two more people got baptized. This is Melissa with Otis assisting.

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