Our 'Outreach Work' has concentrated in three areas over the years. One area is the other Indian Reserves here in Alberta, especially the Stoney Reserves. The Northern Yukon is an area in which we have lived for a number of years, and our Outreach has concentrated especially in the village of Old Crow. Siberia is another area where we have ministered since I was in the first "Friendship Flight" into the Soviet Union in 1991.

Old Crow June 1998 Outreach Trip. This link will take you with us on an Outreach trip to the Northern Yukon, and Alaska.

Base Camp Raft Trip...This link will take you to a series of photos taken on a trip into Old Crow by river, when the airplane was grounded

Alex Siberia...This link will take you to a newsletter describing the beginnings of our work in Siberia!

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