Raft Trip to Old Crow, Yukon Territory - 1997

Base Camp & Canoe 97

In July of 1997, we wanted to make a trip into Old Crow, in the Yukon Territory. We lived at Old Crow from 1980 to 1985. Old Crow is about 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and is very isolated. There are no roads into Old Crow. So the only practical way to get in is by airplane. Our airplane had to have a new engine, and was sitting in North Dakota where we had engine trouble. So I decided we would make a trip into Old Crow by river. My two son's, Joshua and Reuben, and myself, drove up to the Yukon and went up the Dempster Highway, north of Dawson City, about 200 miles. From there we packed all of our gear pictured here, including the canoe, for about 25 miles into the mountains. This was our base camp. We made several trips, hiking into this camp carrying our supplies. This was a creek that was just big enough to start with our canoe, and head down into the Whitestone and Porcupine Rivers where we would build a log raft. Since I was usually the one taking the pictures, you will only see Josh & Reuben through most of pictures to follow.

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