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Sunchild News - September 2018

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Dear Friends,

In July we had a wedding for Travis & Kim, here at the mission. Travis has been connected with the mission all of his life. The whole day went very well. We have pictures below. Weddings are not a common event on the Reserve, and it is so important that the mission is here. If it were not for the influence of the mission throughout Travis' entire life this could not have happened.

After the wedding we had our annual Sunchild VBS for a week which was staffed by the Korean Church from Calgary. The week went very well.

A family from Edmonton has been down several times to help out. They have been interested and considering moving here to pastor the mission. I made a trip to the States for the purpose of bringing back the gravestones that we had a project for, and found out when I got there they weren't ready. Since it was the fault of the company, because I had made this arrangement with them to pick them up, they promised to ship them at their cost. The last word I received from them is that they are in transit. As soon as I get them and set them up in the mission graveyard, I will put pictures on the website.

I continue to live here and staff the mission alone. Although the days are full with what I can do, obviously it is not the ideal situation for the ministry and my hopes have been that help would come if I keep the doors open. If the mission were to ever close, the opportunity for a pastor to come here and start again would close with it. So it is a huge load I carry in that regard. For now, I certainly can not do, by myself, all the work that was done previously. So I try to determine how I can best serve in this capacity, in the most effective manner, and this is a major prayer request. With no one else to help, I haven't been able to carry on the outreach up north, and that has suffered. I have everything in place and ready to go, as soon as I can be freed up to get back.

School will be starting next week and the change from summer holidays to the activities connected with the school year will all kick in. Last year I played violin in an orchestra in Lacombe, Alberta. Although the travel time is a pain, I was able to coordinate the travel with other responsibilies to minimize the inconvience, and it has been a blessing to take part in this.

Reuben and his family got to come home for their first visit in a long time. I have a lot of pictures in this update, and commentary on them will be posted above each picture. If you missed the last newletter, which was titled "May", I hope you check it out, as it had video and other information you would be interested in.

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Below is a 10 minute video of our summer VBS Bible camp here at the mission. The newletter carries on below the video. To play the video, click the "play" arrow at the bottom of the video. Click the full screen icon on the far right to enlarge the video.

The first picture is of Kim, Travis, and their family participants. I wasn't able to take pictures of course, while I was doing the ceremony, but I got pictures later.

Here Travis and Kim are cutting their wedding cake. It was some kind of an ice cream cake, and it was quite a trick to get it here without melting.

Most of the reception meal was held outside, but eventually moved inside when the wind came up and some of the crowd had gone.

This is part of the team of Koreans that came from Calgary to hold our camp this year. Others were not able to stay for the entire week.

Every day the Koreans fixed a big meal. It is always an important part of their ministry to provide special Korean dishes for the people to enjoy.

As you can see, it took a major effort to provide this every day, and involved a lot of work.

The key to the success of the summer camps has been the prayer that has been a major focus of the week. This picture shows the team shortly after they arrived the first day circling the property while praying.

Below are several pictures that basically speak for themselves.

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