Sunchild News - September 2018

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Dear Friends,

A number of these pictures feature the team praying with individuals. This was the most important thing of all.

The next several pictures speak for themselves.

Although our playground that the team from West Virginia built last year, is holding up well, the old tree swing is probably still the most popular ride on the grounds for the kids. The rope is just tied to the top and they go around it in circles.

This is a family picture when Reuben got to visit during the summer. Although Reuben was born in Alaska and lived all his life in Canada, he ended up living right back where I grew up. Yes it was a long trip for them, but they stopped at Yellowstone and many other places on their way.

When I made my trip to the States, this family, in the picture below, stayed at the mission and took care of things so I wouldn't have to worry about the property. They are from Normandy France, and have been touring pretty much all over North America. They planted all our flowers in the flower beds, which have been such a blessing. Both of the teens were adopted when they were small.

This is the Hoover family from Edmonton that has been coming and helping out.

Just another picture of the Hoovers with me in the picture.

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