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Tuesday November 22, 2011

We have a special answer to prayer in that we have help coming for the Christmas/New Years holidays. The several weeks of the holiday season is always a time of trauma & suffering here because there is a lot of drinking, often deaths, and often sucicide. So the mission here will be a light in the darkness as we will be able to have a full time ministry each day, at least to those we are able to connect with. Another answer to prayer? Today I heard from a piano teacher in Red Deer that wants to come and help out in some significant way. So tomorrow I hope to connect with that family to begin working something out. I worked on the garage and finished the siding on the back side. Karen & I attended a meeting at the Nazarene Church in Rocky concerning their child protection program. Rosalee & Ryan came out to conduct the Tuesday Ladies Meeting and Ryan's music lessons.

Karen worked on paper work involving activities at the Bible College which are important for us in recruiting student teachers. Some of her very necessary work is rather tedious just to list, involving sorting and dispatching materials and literature of which we process by the boatloads. Things are already falling in place for Karen's time off period she has been ordered to do. She wanted to be in Three Hills close to family, and a place for her to stay has been offered now. Karen went to the Rocky Food Bank and was given more supplies to help host the drama team from Sasketchewan that will be here from Thursday to Sunday this week. Karen & Rosalee spent the afternoon discussing mission activities and planning Christmas events.

This is the group of Ladies Rosalee had. It was the first time they did this without Karen!

This is Ryan's guitar class tonight. The boys came a couple hours early wanting to know when Ryan was going to get there. Today I was informed that the Nazarene Church was interested in supplying gas money for us to continue taking our teens into their Wednesday night youth meeting. That is also a special answer to prayer.

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