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Wednesday November 16, 2011

Karen picked up some people and attended an 'Elders Breakfast'. Helped a lady work on a course of Bible Study. She has already completed one course and is now working on a second one. Rosalee and her Mom went calling on homes today. Karen spent time with them in prayer meeting. They distributed baby blankets made by the Nazarene church missions group. Karen spent time organizing church literature. This is the day we usually take teens into the Nazarene youth group, but today gas money is an issue and we had to cancel taking them in because it would mean another trip because of Karen's schedule. We would love to see the local churches in Rocky help to fund our field operations, since we are the only Christian Ministry on both Sunchild and O'Chiese. Some things I guess we'll never understand. We have used our personal support to make up needs in field operations, but we put all we can in now because that is down also. I'm not complaining, but this is a diary to share the real world of life here, or at least some part of it, and this has always been a huge ongoing issue. We work without a salary and own no property or assets. I don't believe it's wrong to want the local Christian community to share the burden of the ministry to these Reserves. Our most support comes from Red Deer. It all goes to field operations, and without the Churches in Red Deer help, we couldn't operate. It is a great encouragement to us how these churches, in recent years, have stepped up to help and make this work possible. Perhaps we schedule more tasks than we should, but it is difficult not to want to do more when the needs are so great.

I worked on the back side of the garage today. It is almost completely closed in now. We got an inquiry of someone concerning helping out during their three week Christmas break. It would be wonderful to have some help for a few weeks! Had violin lessons tonight. The kids are sure coming along well. I'm seeing some really special talent showing in these kids. Tonight I felt overwhelmed by the fact that their potential needs a teacher with a lot more ability than I have to really develop them to their highest. So I'm operating in faith that down the road God will provide that for them.

Well, I forgot to get pictures today, so tonight I took a picture of our two unrecognized workers. This is Smokey and his Mom, Shaya. She comes from Old Crow and we've had her for 10 years. People here are terrorized by bears and cougars, but we never have to worry with our guards on 24 hour duty. Their bed shown here is on the tent porch.

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