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Tuesday November 1, 2011

Today I worked on the metal siding on the garage until in the afternoon when I had to take a lady to Rocky for an important meeting regarding her family matters. I got a set of snow tires on the van while I was there. They cost $566.29, which was the cheapest I could get. That hurts, but we had to do it. We spend a lot of time on the phone counciling and praying with people and not just from here, but people all the way up to Old Crow, Yukon, 2,000 miles away. Karen spent much of the morning doing that. We had to turn down requests of people wanting to go to town for medical appointments, etc. Kids who should have been in school calling and asking questions (you don't want to know). Then Karen had to drive out to take some kids to school and get them there before lunch time. While she was there she dealt with paperwork concerning us using the school gymn for Youth Group on Friday nights. Karen finished dishes, laundry, etc. and typed up S.S. lessons for the College students to study before they come. We had several squirrels raiding our pantry all summer and Karen worked on cleaning and organizing the pantry. One of my violin students came and practiced her lesson and spent some time helping Karen in the pantry. Karen worked with her on the piano also. Karen had Ladies Meeting scheduled tonight but after preparing the chili, etc. and makeing phone calls, they had to change their agenda because the ladies weren't able to come because of scheduling conflicts. So Karen and Josephine had prayer meeting with just the two of them from 7:00 to 9:30. After that Karen took Josephine home, over on the O'Chiese Reserve. She came home and ate, then caught up with computer stuff and got to bed well after 3:00A.M. Karen has a cat and a parakeet she takes care of. I take care of our dogs.

These are the ladies that come to Ladies Meetings on Tuesdays. This picture was taken in October when they had a retreat in the mountains hosted by a YWAM group from Blackfalds, Alberta.

Ladies Group

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