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Wednesday November 2, 2011

Today began with Rosalie coming out from Rocky to visit homes with Karen. I worked for some time on office stuff and trying to set up some appointments. We are moving the Canadian Incorporation, the Canadian Inland Mission office back to Rocky from New Norway where it has been for the last ten years. Karen cleaned washrooms, did wash, then visited homes and went back to the Sunchild school to work on getting permission to use the gym for youth group, again, but still not worked out. While Karen was visiting in a home, a new baby was brought in. A six year old nephew was there and asked, "Where did you get her? How much did she cost? and, Do you have instructions for her?" Karen did another piano lesson and worked with a couple other neighbor kids, and made phone calls and organizing to take a load of youth into the youth group at the Nazarene church. We have two teen youth group meetings every week. On Wednesday we take them into Rocky and join the Nazarene youth group and on Friday we have it here on the Reserve. Karen left before 6:00 and got home just before 11:00 tonight. Our weather is still holding out pretty mild for this time of year. This afternoon I worked on the roof of the garage until I had to write a letter for one of our church families dealing with some legal business. Then I had tomake two trips out tonight trying to get the letter to the people that wanted it. One of our church families home burned down this evening. Karen and Rosalie were just there shortly before it burned. It was a new house.Ithad only been lived in a couple years. It is now 1:53 a.m. and Karen just finished what she was doing and I'm working on getting this written up. Ouch-we have to leave early in the morning for Red Deer!

Piano Lessons

These are the teens that Karen took into Rocky tonight. These kids have been a part of mission for at least the last five years now.

Youth Group

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