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2003 - Year In Review at Old Crow.

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We'll hit the highlights of 2003. I'll start with current event's and work backward's. The first picture is taken at our trappers education course we had here at Old Crow this week. Although I'm not really a 'trapper', this is a small village and everyone goes to pretty much everything, so I took advantage of an opportunity to learn and be with the 'guys', and attended. Michael and Georgie are with me in the first picture. The furs are: the round one is beaver, my hand is on the wolf, next to it is Martin, Cross Fox, Red Fox, and Wolverine. The next picture is Alex, who is our instructor from Whitehorse. Alex is 87 years old and still trapping!


Here Alex demonstrates a new type jump snare for lynx.  

This is the Old Crow school, and this is how most people get around in Old Crow in the summer. There are a few vehicles which have been flow in, but there is not one 'car' in town.

This is our Cessna 182, on the parking ramp at the Old Crow airport. Our house is the one in the center with the red arrow.
When we make a trip down to the States, or to Alberta, we begin by flying south, 250 air miles to Dawson City. This is about 50 miles north of Dawson looking east. We leave our pickup truck in Dawson. Here we are switching over and reloading everything. Dawson City is about 1500 miles from Edmonton, Alberta.
At Whitehorse we hit the Alaska Highway. This route is widely considered to be the last great adventure available to most people to drive. Wildlife is usually plentiful, and dangerous driving at night with fellows like this walking on the road.
Buffalo are plentiful east of Watson Lake. My zoom lens makes this possible.
Making these pictures so small ruins the quality. This is only a small part of this herd.
This year we lost count of the bears, especially from Ft. Nelson to Watson Lake. This is a grizzly. Again - zoom lens! This is one of our camp spots. Over the years we have found places to get off the road a ways and camp in places like this.
Of course the camp facilities may not always be the most modern. Below is part of a herd of Mt. Sheep. They shed in the summer.

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