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Nancy Stoner - Illinois, USA

Sunchild Mission Trip

My name is Nancy Stoner. I am 58 years old and this was my first mission experience. I have felt the pull to do this since I heard my first Missionary speaker. I was not disappointed! It was not a vacation, it was ministry in action, and very rewarding! God led me there to help them, but I came away blessed and forever changed. Since I did not go as part of a group, I stayed with the Rinker's in their Mission home on the Sunchild Reserve. Canada is beautiful. I enjoyed the early fall weather. On hot days, we'd load up some kids and take them to the river to swim, on snow days we built snowmen and had snowball fights. While there, I helped pick wild blueberries, learned to make homemade bread (successfully!), Karen and Rodger give piano and violin lessons, so I learned some basic piano, and can now play some simple hymns. Working alongside Karen as she tended to the needs of home/mission/church made for long days. The ministry through church services, bible studies, and one on one, usually results in someone receiving salvation. They need fellow laborers to reap a bountiful harvest. The people are very receptive to the Gospel. They are tender-hearted, and eager to learn more. As Missionaries, ministry out of their home is 24/7. This IS their life. They have raised their children and buried some here to minister the Gospel and the love of God to everyone they encounter. Faithful servants of God they are. The Lord has delivered them through fiery trials, and the work goes on. New construction continues as funds come through donations. They need our prayers. They need help in this work. There is a very real need for mission workers to come stay for extended periods of time. Regretfully, I was only able to stay one month, and I truly wish I were still there. Part of my heart still is.

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