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Michael Kempher - Switzerland

My Experiences in the Sunchild mission in Alberta, Canada:

I came from the January 2014 to the Sunchild mission. It was a great time. Sadly it was way too warm and so it became slippery.  The work was mostly not heavy. I had actually a lot of time for myself, between the different tasks. But on weekends it was always busy and there are 24 hours kids around, so if You are not used to kids, it might be a hard time. In the reserves, the kids often raised in families with alcohol or drug problems. Kids also get not disciplined and I could feel that here.  But it was awesome to see how God can work in People. I heard a lot of stories how people were and saw them now and they were changed.

Rinkers are a very nice couple. And I am very impressed that they have this big love and energie to keep working in that mission and helping this people for such a long time.  Also I think there is still a lot of work that has to be done, so people are needed to help.

For me it was optimal. I was here, far away from everything and had time for the mission and also for myself. And the kids went into my heart.

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