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Elycia Hardy & Michael Kempher - British Columbia & Switzerland

We stayed on the Sun Child reservation with Karen and Rodger Rinker for about four weeks. We helped out around the house with cooking, organizing, chopping firewood, and clearing the runway for the airplane. We also visited and prayed with the local people on the reserve almost everyday. During the week in the evening, we helped run a kids program and the youth group. In the kids program, our lesson was focused on the narrow way and the broad way which Jesus talks about in Matthew 7:13-14. We also spent some time on bullying with is something each of the kids on the reserve face. In the youth group, we had short discussions on fundamental questions regarding who we are and why we are here. On Sundays, we helped in the Sunday School program.

During our time on the reserve staying with Karen and Rodger, we faced many challenges: spiritual warfare, cultural differences and family problems, which helped us to grow in our faith. We also faced challenges with the kids during our lessons as they are full of energy and easily distracted. Some kids have never learned to behave, but it was awesome when we began to talk with the kids and they were keen to learn and listen to what we were telling them.

There were many positive memories after our time up on the Sun Child reservation. We saw children's desire to learn more about God and his word. One evening we had a boy come to the church for prayer after he had picked up a bible in one of the homes and realized he had a lot of darkness in his life. Later on in the evening he accepted Christ into his heart and he remained in the church all night reading the bible. Despite the spiritual darkness over the reserve, God's presence is evident and he is shining in this reserve.

Karen is a wonderfully caring lady and she was so kind to us. We saw her passion for this reserve and her care for its people. She continually lifts up the reserve and it's people in prayer.

Rodger is very understanding and he shared with us some of his stories and life experiences. He is very kind and made us feel very welcome in his home. He cooked some wonderful breakfasts and dinners while we were there too.

The Rinkers are a big blessing for the reserve. And it was a wonderful time being able to serve with them and being a part of the work there.

From Elycia and Michel

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