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May 2002 News

Here at Ft. McPherson, the Peel River broke up on Saturday May 18th and the ice started running. In the picture it looks like the ice is stationary, but it is actually moving very fast and is one of the most magnificent experiences in a person's lifetime.

Peel River Breakup 2002

The ice that comes down from upriver is a good source of drinking water, and this lady is gathering ice to melt for drinking water.

Gathering Ice For Drinking Water

As you can see in the pictures, the ice broke up in the Peel river on Saturday, May 18th. This marks the real transition from winter to spring. We've been doing a lot of flying, including our first trip to Tuktoyaktuk which is over an hour north of here on the coast of the Arctic ocean. Here in Canada the term Inuit has replaced the name Eskimo, so the coastal area is populated by the Inuit. We've also flown into Old Crow several times, and Fairbanks. We have sent the air fare for the Cheney's to come to Sunchild, and the tenative date for their arrival is July 22nd. The Old Crow Band Council has invited us to stay in Old Crow for the Gwitchin gathering and Yukon Chiefs conference in July, and to take part in it. This will last two weeks. We have had 24 hour daylight now for a few weeks and it will be late July before we have any darkness at all.

We got a letter from some very special friends in Provideniya, Siberia, a family of five. Among the many things they told us was this quote.

"Several months a year we lived by special schedule of turning electricity off using candles...Vova worked but his organization did not pay him and other employers either. We did not have any money for 4 years! It is difficult to believe but it was. LOOKING BACK I CAN HARDLY REALIZE HOW CAN WE SURVIVE. But we did because our Lord, our Savior. we LIVED ON BREAD AND TEA AND PORRIDGE for many months. But it gone now."

We are planning to make a trip over to Provideniya later this year.

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