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Rodger Rinker
P.O. Box 975
Rocky Mt. House, AB T4T1A7
Phone 403-989-3715
e-mail: rinker@arcticoutreach.org

Personal Information: Married,in 1974. Six Children. Holds dual citizenship in U.S. and Canada. Member Nazarene Church. Never used alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. No criminal record. Never involved in a lawsuit. Except for time spent in school, (until 2005) I have never lived anywhere but on a Native Reserve since I was 17 yrs. Old. I have had experience primarily with Lakota, Cree, Saulteaux, Stoney and Gwitchin. Also I’ve had extensive experience with Navajo, Northern Cheyenne, and Peigan Blackfoot.

Formal Education:

  1. Graduated Kentucky Mountain Bible College in 1966 with Ministerial Degree. A-Cappela Choir, (One tour with Mt. Carmel Quartet.)

  2. Graduated from the Aviation Airframe & Powerplant course at the University of Alaska in 1984, and received the FAA A&P mechanics license. (License #213-44-2155) FAA supervised course, graduated with a 4.0 grade average.

Special Studies:

  1. Principals training course at the Accelerated Christian Education Headquarters for their programmed learning curriculum.

  2. Two courses, levels 1 & 2 for Adobe Photoshop at Red Deer College, in Alberta.

  3. Commercial pilots license course at University of Alaska.

  4. Instrument rating course at Bolivar Flight Training school.

  5. Firearms course for Canadian FAC license at Rocky Mountain House, AB.

  6. Suzuki Violin Workshops, and International Institutes held at Calgary, Edmonton, and Rocky Mt. House, AB.

  7. Website development course held at Rocky Mountain House, AB.

  8. Canadian Ranger Patrol Group training course held at Old Crow, YT.

  9. CASARA Air Search & Rescue training, monthly courses in Red Deer Zone from 1995 to 2001. Certified Pilot-Navigator in Red Deer Zone.

  10. Completed Yukon Trappers Association Training Course held at Old Crow, Yukon.

  11. Graduated from Observer/Communicator course at Aurora College, Ft Smith, NWT in 2004. This is a course to run the weather stations and Flight Service CARS stations in the arctic.

Work Experience:

  1. Pastorfor 4 years, 1966 to 1970, on the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, under the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Responsible for a circuit of 5 churches.

  2. Outreach director for NIBS college, 1970 to 1974.

  3. Pastor at Sunchild, O’Chiese Reserve, 1975 to 1980, under the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

  4. Supervisor of Sunchild Band work project, Sunchild Reserve, 1976, building hockey rink and cutting timber for road project.

  5. Missionary Outreach, Yukon, 1981 to 1986 under SIM.

  6. Pastor on Sunchild, O’Chiese Reserve, 1986 to 2001, under EBM.

  7. Rebuilt and set up Head Saw mill on Sunchild Reserve 1989.

  8. Pilot-Navigator for CASARA air search & rescue, Red Deer Zone, 1995 to 2001.

  9. Principal of Coyote Creek Christian School, 1986 to 1995.

  10. Firefighting crewmember, Alberta, 1979.

  11. Arctic Outreach Project Director under CIM, 2001 to 2003, in Ft. McPherson, NWT, and Old Crow, YT.

  12. Webmaster for Arcticoutreach.org website since 1998 using Dreamweaver platform, basic html programming.

  13. Employee of Yukon Territorial Government as O/C at the Old Crow,Yukon CARS weather station – 2004

  14. Mission Director for Sunchild-O'Chiese Reserve 2004-to present.

Languages: English, and Lakota Sioux. Two years of Spanish studies.

Additional: Licensed Short Wave Radio Operator since 1971, in both Canada and U.S. Morse Code proficient @ 20 W.P.M. Typing proficient @ 40 W.P.M.

Suzuki Violin achievement BK 3, proficient at teaching Suzuki Violin Bk 1.

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and Dreamweaver web authoring software. Proficient in Carpentry – Building houses, electrical wiring, & plumbing.

Instrument rated pilot holding both Canadian and U.S. pilots license (Canadian #P363776 & US #213-44-2155) and logged 2,500 hours pilot in command time..mostly Northern Canada time. Hold U.S. Airframe & Powerplant mechanics license, proficient in working on single engine Cessna aircraft.

Experience in establishing programmed learning curriculum in Public School in Provideniya, Siberia, in Russia, in 1993 to 1994.

Extensive Arctic Wilderness travel experience by canoe, raft, snowmobile, and hiking. Over three years accumulated time living in a wall tent in Yukon & Alberta.

Mastery of Cree Brain Tanning method for tanning hides..25 years experience.

Canadian Ranger, member of Old Crow Patrol Group..Top Shot gold medal award for Old Crow Patrol Group, 2003 and 2004.

Experience in Archery and proficient in Basketball and Hockey.

Extensive experience in Gardening since age 5. Lifetime hunting & fishing experience. 27 years experience raising Dairy Goats. Many years experience raising horses and dogs. Career experience in Acute Crisis Intervention.

Additional Documentation Available upon request..

Kentucky Mt Bible College
Airframe & Powerplant course, University of Alaska
OC course at Aurora College, Ft. Smith

Certified OC, Yukon Territorial Government
Canadian Ranger, Old Crow Patrol Group

Canadian & U.S. Amateur Radio Operators License
Canadian & U.S. Private Pilots License, Instrument Rating
U.S. FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics License

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