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Memo 8/14/2013 Supplement B

In response to the meeting of volunteers which was held in Red Deer on Aug. 8th, we are suggesting the following policys.

All pertinent information for volunteers will be assembled under the 'Required Reading' heading published on the mission website found at arcticoutreach.org.

Due to the extreme conditions involving distance we will explore the policy of focusing on one Sunday each month for the Three Hills team to have a special involvement. This will involve activities of a celebratory nature designed to attract attendance, and/or classes to be held with a high degree of preparation and effort so as to effect the satisfaction of the volunteers in having a significant impact in the lives of the people here. The volunteers from Three Hills would be encouraged to focus their efforts on this special Sunday as opposed to the expectation of making the trip every Sunday.

Since the burden of travel would be reduced by this policy the Canadian Inland Mission will no longer base a mission vehicle at Three Hills. Instead, the CIM board will authorize the volunteer team to raise support for their involvement in this ministry from Churches and individuals in the area. The team will take responsibility for the solicitation, management, and documentation of such funds in whatever manner they consider best and acceptable to the donors. The CIM will require a quarterly financial statement showing the amount, source, and date of all donations, plus a ledger of disbursements which will be available to the public. This is for the purpose of accountability to interested parties since these funds will not be processed through the CIM account. The CIM board encourages interested parties to support the team financially to make it possible to continue the training and involvement of this team of workers. For several years the Three Hills team has managed their own account to partially fund their expenses. This policy will be a development of that practice.

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