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Memo 8/14/2013

Each person involved in the Sunchild ministry, a part of the Canadian Inland Mission, must agree to work in unity with all other workers in a unified, positive spirit toward the common goal of accomplishing the ministry programs. It is very important for workers to exercise maturity in conversation by avoiding personal criticism, complaining, fault finding, personality clashes, gossiping, spreading rumors, or any negative communication that is destructive. Each person must exercise their unique gifts and talents in a constructive manner so that at the end of the day the ministry is stronger, more effective, more unified and has a greater impact on the community.

The obvious and proper channel for resolving any and all difficulties is to communicate with the relevant persons and work toward understanding, information, and agreement. In this process it is essential, in order to maintain credibility, that such person does not communicate their complaint to others not directly involved and who could be adversely affected and prejudiced thus damaging the overall effort. The term 'relevant persons' is defined by the information in this paragraph.

The criteria in this memo will define if a person should be involved in this ministry. If anyone feels they can not agree to this condition there can be no proper purpose at all in being involved.

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