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Sunchild News - September 2005

Dear Friends,

In August we had our VBS at Sunchild. This year we had a large youth group from Rocky Mt. House and a family from Child Evangelism Fellowship working with us. The weather was very bad, but in spite of that we had a good group of young people and a very encouraging VBS. Some of the young people gave their hearts to the Lord. We spent another week on the Reserve after our VBS and took a group of young people to the Nazarene VBS in Rocky Mt. House. A young Native lady from South America stayed with us also and was a big help to Karen.

Last week we got to represent the mission at the Ministry Fair here at the Prairie Bible College which has almost 500 students. We brought a group of young people from Sunchild so the students could meet some of the people they will be working with if they choose to do their ministry assignments with us. Today was the deadline for the students to sign up for their student ministry assignments and we understand that a number of them signed up to go with us on the weekends to Sunchild. It will take a couple days for their paperwork to be processed, but we should know how many by this week-end. This is a very special answer to prayer and will be a large factor in how we plan our ministry on the Reserve for the coming year. These college students will have a great impact on the Reserve and at the same time this ministry will be the biggest single influence of their college training.

We have been asked to work with the International students and Native students here at the college. Last evening we spent several hours with a couple from England who are enrolled in the aviation program and are preparing for the mission field. Today we held two chapel services and Karen had two tutoring sessions with a student preacher from the Blackfoot tribe.

We are without a van right now and this past week we have been doing the red tape involved in getting another one. We will be getting it on payments and since we don't have a salary it makes it difficult to get the paperwork done, but it looks like it will get done.

I want to schedule some deputation work to raise support for the added expenses we have now. Karen has taken part time work in the evenings to help pay bills and it is very hard on her physically. She wants to keep her schedule full with the mission work also because there is so much that only she can do, and it's too much for one person. So many doors are opening to us, and we can see that God is answering prayer to allow us to be involved in some breakthroughs on the Sunchild and O'Chiese Reserves that we have to be involved in at this time.

We thank the Lord especially for the folks in our Canadian office who put $3,000 in the work this summer to keep our heads above water, and the Mountain Top Church in Maryland that put the same amount in our housing project. The other day we had a bill come down to the last day with no money to pay it, and on that very day we received a letter with a check which enabled us to pay it. We experience this month after month. The walk of faith still works…God is still faithful to us and so many of you folks have been faithful as well. Check our web site for more news and pictures as well as family news, such as Reuben is getting married Dec. 31st. Our web site is at www.arcticoutreach.org. Please keep us in prayer. We have had a lot of people in touch with us the last several weeks concerning a special burden to pray for us and represent us in their prayer meetings. This is always the critical need above all.

In His Service, Rodger, Karen and Family

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