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Sunchild News - March 2006

Dear Friends,

Our report for this month is certainly one of God's help and blessing in many areas. Although the battle rages on the spiritual front lines, we can see how God has strategically placed us where we are for maximum effectiveness and we have been seeing improvements in every area of concern for our family and ministry.

Our work with the student ministry teams going to the Sunchild-O'Chiese Reserves continues to be a wonderful success story. Not only have these teams been highly successful in ministering to needy hearts but the Bible College students themselves have grown and developed by leaps and bounds as they stretch themselves to respond to the needs. It's so encouraging to me as I see these young people giving of themselves to love and minister as all true Christians should, in the face of the challenges on these Reserves. Karen & I have to make additional trips during the week also to respond to the needs as well. A couple weeks ago there was a vehicle accident in which three people died, all in one family, and the driver of the other vehicle was in critical condition. Both of these families, are families that we have worked with very closely over the past 20 years, and they are both families that we have been working with this past year with the students. There has been a lot of trauma and a lot of tears. One young mother was crying for Karen to come and they couldn't contact us. Her husband simply told her not to worry as they will be here tomorrow. Without knowing any of this conversation, the next day we were there in the arms of these people to share their sorrows. There have been great needs in other families this month also, and we've had the privilege of being able to help them at critical times when they really needed it.

God's people have been so faithful to meet the financial needs that have been such a trial for us as we have relocated here in Alberta. We have seen some new churches pledge to help with monthly support, and others have made up what was lacking in monthly support with some wonderful offerings that have enabled us to meet our commitments and pay for the operational field expenses. We can see where God is answering prayer and we know many of you folks are faithful to keep us in your prayers, as you tell us often.

The summer is looking to be filled with special events and we look forward to seeing a very effective ministry. We are still looking for a VBS director for the Sunchild VBS and we need to find someone very soon for this, so if you know of someone please talk to them about this and have them contact us.

David is in a church youth group that has been a blessing. Today they are out in the mountains, snowboarding. Melany is taking Drivers Ed (gasp). We have been able to make some needed improvements on our home this winter that increase its value and we really can enjoy.

Please continue to pray for us: In His Service, Rodger & Karen Rinker & Family

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