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Update on Finances - October 2005

Dear Friends,

Many have requested us to keep them informed as to our financial needs. We are encouraged with some new sources of support and extra support that has come in the the last few months.

Last month we published our need for a van since the vehicle we had wouldn't pass it's insurance inspection and wasn't worth putting significant money in. We were able to locate an excellent Pontiac Montana van that was owned by an elderly couple and very well taken care of, which we got on a four year payment plan for under $10,000. Then our neighbor sold us an older Ford van which we are going to use on the Reserve. The dirt roads on the Reserve are the worst we have seen them in modern times and very hard on a vehicle. So we are using the older Ford van to take this abuse and keep the Montana van for a reliable 'paved road' vehicle which should last for many years. We have the 4-wheel drive truck which we also use on the Reserve, but the van is needed for the weekend ministry when we often have a full load of young people. (We've had 20 kids in the truck before..not a good idea with the seat belt laws, thus the need for the van.

We still have bills to be paid for this summer's VBS. The VBS cost around $3,000 total, and the remaining bills relate to the tools and materials for the 16x20 portable tent frame we built.

We still have the top overhaul and annual inspection for the Cessna 182 aircraft to be paid off. Our flying outreach is on hold until we can get this expense paid for. We had about $12,000 dollars worth of work done and more than half of that was donated by the two maintainence shops that worked on it, but we still owe about $4,500 on this.

We have family needs we have been putting on hold, such as dental etc. and in December the twins turn 18 and their government child benefit supplement will end which means we will loose over $350 a month income. In Canada every child under 18 receives a family allowance from the federal government. We won't be able to go to Reuben's wedding, but we still hope to be able to come up with funds to send Karen.

Since we are no longer living on the Reserve or in the Arctic, it is much more expensive living here at Three Hills for our base of operations. We need to increase our monthly support just to cover current expenses and we want to do some deputation to work on this. If you know of a church that we can present this need to please let us know.

Karen is doing some part time work in the evenings now to help pay our bills. She still works late trying to keep up on the mission work as well. (I remember as a child our family always talking about how someday our 'ship would come in'. Well it never did come in but every now and then we still take a glance over the horizon to see if we can spot it out there :>)

In His Service, Rodger, Karen, & Family

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