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Sunchild News - December 2005

Dear Friends,

The first semester of the Bible College student ministry assignments on Sunchild was completed when the students got off for the Christmas break. They established two new Sunday Schools from scratch, one on each Reserve. They got in many, many hours of home visitation and personal work, and were a wonderful success in the program. We always recognized that Sunchild was a perfect setting for training Christian workers and for them to get practical experience in missions and at the same time being a wonderful blessing and meeting real needs. We have seen a very special miracle in how the Lord brought such an unusual team together to minister at Sunchild this year. If we had any one of these students on a team it would be more than we could hope for, but each and every one is uniquely fitted for the work on the Reserve. We don’t see young people of this spiritual caliber, and to have an entire team like this is a real miracle.

The college paid the biggest part of the traveling expenses and our neighbor made it possible for us to have a good usable eight passenger van to use for the Reserve work on monthly payments. Next semester we want to change our focus and direct most of the work to the teens on the Reserve. Yesterday we had a meeting with a group of new students who want to be added to the team next semester, and we will also start the planning stage for using some of these students in our summer outreach program on the Reserve. We are planning a series of camps which will run throughout the summer. Each camp will work with a small group of teens and go for a week at a time. We will probably change the date for our VBS to be in July and we are looking for a director for the VBS. If you know of someone who would like to be the director please let us know.

Karen will be the only one of our family who gets to go to Reuben’s wedding due to the time, distance, and expense of the trip. We’ve had a page on our website with pictures of Reuben and his fiancée. His wedding date is December 31st, in North Carolina and if you want to send him a card his address is: Reuben and Jennifer Rinker, 365 Cedarland Drive, Thomasville, NC 27360, USA.

As usual, the ‘busy-ness’ of the mission work robs us of time to deal with Christmas issues and we neglect so much of the traditional contact with friends. Some day, probably in heaven, this will be different, but we do want to express our deep appreciation for all of you who have remembered us with cards or support and sending your love. We’ve had some wonderful Christmas offerings that will really help with the financial load and meet family needs, which is a very special answer to prayer. The local church here in Three Hills that the family has been attending has pledged to take on a share of our monthly support that will almost make up for the amount of the family allowance we loose this month when the twins turn 18.

We’ve seen the Lord answer long standing prayer for family members recently, which is really the greatest news of all.

We send our prayer for you to have a Blessed Christmas and New Year. We look forward to 2006 with great anticipation as we cast our lot into the Lord’s loving hands for this New Year.

In His Service, Rodger, Karen, Melody, Melany, and David

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