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Sunchild News Update - March 27th, 2008

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Dear Friends,

Tomorrow we will be completely moved out of Three Hills and relocated back on the Sunchild Reserve. Our daughter Jenny and her family have moved into our place, and David will be staying with them. Some amazing things have been taking place in the ministry and special answers to prayer. Tonight I will be unplugging the computer and we don't know how long it will take to get connected at the Reserve because the church doesn't have a phone line yet. So we may be out of touch for a while. This Sunday the college drama team will be at the mission for a presentation and the Sunchild school has scheduled to have them all day Monday. This is a special opportunity to minister to the entire school which includes all the youth on the Reserve. The Eagles Wings organization is scheduled to come to Sunchild right after our VBS in July and will be bringing 30 Native young people to do evangelistic work on Sunchild and O'Chiese. These events are highly organized and well planned. They report that the average expenditure for their organization on these events is $20,000, so you can see that it will be a major operation. We will be updating this as time goes on to get as much prayer as possible for this event.

Last week we had 12 college students at our Wednesday prayer and planning session. There is only one month left for ministry assignments on the Reserve and after that we are in great need for help. Last Sunday we had 50 from the Reserve at church and when our college helpers are gone we don't know how we can handle it all.

We are seeing wonderful answers to prayer concerning several needs and will be updating these also as it all develops. Only God can change hearts, and we are seeing this in relation to some of the greatest needs we face in our ministry. We don't have a land line phone yet but we do have two cell numbers. Karen's cell # is 403-895-0037, and mine is 403-846-5648. Things are extremely busy right now and we appreciate all the prayer you folks can find time to offer for us and the ministry.

In His Service, Rodger & Karen Rinker

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