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Sunchild News - June 2007 - Praise Edition

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Dear Friends,

This past month has been a time of so many answered prayers and wonderful things happening that we want to make this a letter of praise and thanksgiving! It would take a book to write in detail about these events and their significance. Last week the Lord sent Karen 50 miles away to rescue a lady, that we have known since she was born, from a desperate situation. We didn't know what was going on which made this all the more dramatic. She stayed with us for a few days before going back to her family. In all this she saw God answer so many of her needs and was so merciful to help her that she is not only encouraged to take Gods way, but is wanting to help with a S.S. class. A couple years ago this lady was told by her doctors that she only had a couple months to live. Now she is in the best health she's known for years. We don't want to simply talk about this, but we want to praise the Lord for His great mercy and faithfulness that was so clearly revealed, not only to her but to her children also.

We praise the Lord for a nice 7 passenger mini van that a local family donated for us to use on the Reserve. It's in excellent condition and a real blessing to the work. We are running two vans every Sunday from Three Hills to Sunchild, plus a lady from Eckville brings her car. Last Sunday she brought two other ladies along to help her with her class. So now we have two mini vans for the Reserve ministry, although the older one may have to be replaced before long. We feel so grateful to have good equipment to use and it is such an encouragement to see local people who sincerely care for God's work to be done that they provide so generously.

I thank the Lord that I was able to spend several weeks with my Mom. While I was there the Lord brought her through an attack of her congestive heart failure. The Lord is helping her through a difficult time and we are so thankful we still have her with us. Our son Reuben has agreed to accept the pastorate he has been offered at the Mt. Top Church back where I was born and raised, so he will be living only a few minutes from Mom when he gets moved in early August. It is a special joy to us that Reuben will start his ministry as a pastor in my home town!

We praise the Lord for an effective ministry in home visitation recently, for a Bible Study getting established on the O'Chiese Reserve, for good attendance even on days when there are events that would keep many from coming; for dramatic, mercy answers to emergency prayers...those times when you have to get something done but can't do it, so when all fails you pray and God does it immediately! We especially praise the Lord for sparing three children who could have drowned in the River on a picnic, but in wonderful, tender mercy, God brought them through safely. I was having a S.S. Picnic with the help of a local family but we really didn't have enough help to handle all the kids. I have been saying that God is working every day to 'prevent' bad things from happening everywhere, but we often aren't aware of it and He doesn't get credit for all those times.

We praise the Lord for a church back home providing for our propeller overhaul on the Cessna 182, so that we can keep it on the flight line to be used in Outreach. This was very expensive and impossible for us to do. We want to praise and thank God for several very generous special offerings that have met special needs and make it possible for us to do this summers ministry. I'm out of room, but pray for our VBS July 8-13, and Karen will be going to Ft. McPherson in the Northwest Territories the last week of July for VBS.

Beyond doubt, somebody has been praying faithfully, and those prayers are getting through. Praise the Lord!!
In His Service, Rodger, Karen, & Family

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