Dick Cook Missionary Family in Ruby

This is the Dick Cook family, who pastor the church in Ruby, Alaska. The only person who is not part of the Cook family in this picture, is the young lady in the back row. Her name is Misty, and she is Cindy Antelope's daughter. Cindy is from Potato Creek, South Dakota, and was a young lady in Sunday School when Karen and I pastored the church in Potato Creek back in the 70's. Before Karen & I got married, I lived in a little house beside Cindy's family, Eliza and Clifford Morrison, and was a part of their family, ate all my meals at their table, hunted, and hauled firewood with them, etc. How did Misty end up in Ruby, Alaska? Well, the Cooks ministered in South Dakota for years, and Misty is visiting them! I flew Dick & Mary out to Fairbanks to get groceries while I was there.

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