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Ft. McPherson VBS - July 2000

In July, 2000, we were able to have the first VBS, to our knowledge, in the village of Ft. McPherson in the Canadian Northwest Territories. The VBS was hosted by the local missionaries, Paul & Lynn Hanthorn. It was staffed and directed by the Far North Missionary Fellowship from Alaska. We had excellent facilities, very different from our tent VBS's, and the weather was perfect, almost too hot. The VBS team was very proficient. Most of all, the children and young people who attended were very special, and behaved extremely well. As usual, I forgot to take many pictures that I should have, but I got a lot of the faces, which is the most important. So much is written into the faces of people, and faces can be read just as a book. Something of the past, much of the present, and even the future can be read in these faces. In the evenings we had a teen group, and in the day time we had the younger ones. We must have had a total of about 100 who were there at least one day, but most of those who came were there every day.

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VBS Teen Boys VBS Crafts Class VBS Staff From Alaska Song & Story Time 3 Girls 3 Boys 2 Girls Brother & Sister
Friends 4 Girls 2 Friends More Smiles Girl & Craft Girls Outside More Crafts
      Young Lady Smile      

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