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Tuesday November 8, 2011

My day is easy to write: I woke up in the middle of the most amazing dreams! Took care of some office work and worked on putting the metal siding on the new garage. The roof is done except for a difficult angle where the two roofs join. I worked with four students on their violin practice and did some computer work. Got my exercises in and had a dance with our two hardy, northern dogs who sneaked in to lay by the fireplace. (Did you want to know that? Did you ever wonder what people up north in the bush do?) I'm getting feedback now on this daily diary. My friend Bill in Maryland thought the barbecued fish head was gross! We all ate it and it was very good.

Here is the list Karen gave me to write about her day. Washed hair with bug shampoo as a preventative. (Rodger doesn't have to worry about it..the bugs simply don't like him for some unknown reason.) Fasted & prayed and counseled two young people. Visited a home concerning tonights Ladies Meeting and the lady wants to start coming faithfully. Prepared a new Bible Study for tonight. Did some bookwork for our Stoney Outreach. Prepared for Ladies Meeting tonight and then had Ladies Meeting starting about 6:30 and going until after 9:30. Some of the things shared in Ladies Meeting were as follows. One lady was so excited she had finished reading the book of Matthew. The police stopped and asked one lady why she was stopped by the road. She told them she was praying (concerning a situation she was facing), and he told her to keep on praying. The picture below shows the Ladies tonight studying their Bible Study. They also have other activities such as making quilts or some craft. They usually have a good turn out, often around 12 or so.

Ladies Meeting

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