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Saturday November 12, 2011

Snow started last night and this morning we had several inches. Karen got back from Edmonton and worked on tomorrow's Sunday School preparation and cleaning the church (young people use it every day/see last picture), and then went in to Rocky and visited people from the Reserve in the hospital. Karen writes in part: One good friend of ours had to be rushed in the hospital...her relatives were with her and we had prayer together. Another lady had no relatives there and was so lonely. I sang to her and she tried singing Amazing Grace. Also visited a lady from the Stoney Reserve that we don't get to visit very often.

The brown dog in the picture is our Smoky. You can guess what happened just a few seconds after this picture was taken.

Yesterday I showed how we have a tent frame that the youth use for a Rec Room. We also often have youth working on crafts or artwork in the church. They come up with their own ideas and work on their own. This young lady made a landscape complete with fish in the lake. The picture doesn't show it very well, but it is often amazing what they come with. Since the young people don't have much to do it is a great opportunity for someone to work with them. We need a worker who can take this responsibility, of just day by day being available to spend time with the youth.

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