Sunchild News - September 2020

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The next week after the youth camps here at the mission, a group came from Brownfield, Alberta, with a team led by Rosalie & Ryan, who had worked here for years with the Prairie Bible College teams from Three Hills, Alberta. Rosalie & Ryan wanted to hold a VBS for a family group up the hill from here in their neighborhood at their home. We are able to host church groups here at the mission, who are interested in having their church come here and do outreach camps like this. These Reserves are large enough that we can host as many as want to come and help us reach out. The team brought their own campers and stayed here at the mission, and one highlight was the evening campfires. I neglected to get pictures, and Rosalie provided these. These families were a wonderful blessing to us, and they did all the work for this camp on their own! So all the following pictures are of the special neighborhood VBS they held.

Having supper in our cook tent.

This is their camping trailers here on the mission grounds.

Please keep us in prayer. We have special needs that we can't publish on the internet that are very critical to people here. We are the only Christian ministry on two large Reserves and need to be held in prayer.

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