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Dear Friends,

We ‘still’ don’t have the virus here, or even within a hundred miles, that we know of. Since the Reserve is isolated, 40 miles from town, the community operates normally, without masks or distancing or even hardly remembering that it’s a problem in the rest of the world. So, we have been able to conduct our summer ministry events normally. We have had a lot of help and been able to hold even more events since we are free here, and there have been many volunteers who were not able to minister in their own churches, so they came here to help us!

We don’t have TV media news here, but we do have internet and follow some of what’s going on in your world on youtube. I understand that probably all of you have a high stress level over the changing world you live in, that we don’t have to face here. But a lot of our people are scared and fearful, not understanding what’s going on out there, and fearful of letting their kids go to school, and things like that.

We had our normal VBS in July, including volunteers from Rocky Mt. House & Drayton Valley. It was a great time for everyone. Then, the next week we held a special teen youth camp. Following that, we had a team come from Brownfield, Alberta to hold another VBS which targeted a part of the Reserve where we had a concentration of youth we have been working with over the years. Following that we held a Ladies Retreat. All of these are featured on our online news with a lot of pictures, and including a report from Karen.

The Hoover family is settled in for another year here, taking much of the responsibility for the services and their daughter taking her senior year in High School in the Reserve school.

There are four pages to this letter with many pictures. I have divided it into 4 pages so they will load faster. So you have to follow the links at the bottom to access all 4 pages.

Our first event was a regular Vaction Bible School. Normally this is staffed by the Korean Churches from Calgary, but due to the Covid, they decided not to do it this summer. Since we have no Covid in this part of Alberta, we were able to get lots of help from churches in Rocky Mt. House and Drayton Valley. All the staff workers in the following pictures are from these Alberta churches. This first two pictures show a class with a volunteer we call the 'Balloon Guy'. He uses balloons to illustrate his lessons.

We rotated classes between several locations. This is a class being held in the Gazebo.

This is a different event held in the Gazebo.

The next four pictures are craft classes outside.

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