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This is Peter, but the kids only know him as "The Balloon Guy". He comes at least once a year. He makes everything by twisting up balloons. On this day he made all the kids a guitar that could be played, out of a balloon! I just realized I don't have a picture on that. The real challenge is to remember to take a picture of things for these letters. When you are busy, that is the last thing on your mind. It's a wonder I get any pictures at all. Anyway, Peter does this ministry full time, and he had several wonderful object lessons that had the kids absolute full attention.

I wasn't able to do my spring Yukon Outreach this March, because there was no one to fill in here at the mission so I could be gone for several weeks. I have to run our Outreach equipment to keep it in good shape. This day I got stuck real bad going over a beaver dam. So I remembered to take pictures after the fact. I had to walk out and carry a winch, rope, etc. back to the Skidoo.

This is where I fell through the ice and had to winch out. That is a beaver dam behind me, not the creek bank. We are in need of volunteers to fill in here at Sunchild, because the mission can't be left without someone here at all times. I can't really do outreach or even attend our Bible School class reunion this year, without help to be here. I don't know yet, what Darrell & Donna's schedule will be. Darrell is waiting to be called in to a job in Edmonton, and could be gone from here in a few days.

For those who have been asking about our Cessna 182 project, here is a picture waiting for the engine to get finished so it can go back on the airplane. This is the airframe we brought in from the States to put our engine on. The shop has promised it to be finished soon, so we are still waiting. Other pictures are on the last couple newletters.

This is part of our youth group on the sled riding hill. We lost our snow in the last several weeks, so the sled riding has to wait until we get our usual May storm.

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