Sunchild News - April 2016

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Dear Friends,

In this newsletter I have 19 pictures showing some of the activity here at the mission over the last several days & weeks. A lot of these pictures will be possibly boring, but please remember the significance of these pictures. This mission is the only Christian ministry here on the Sunchild and O'Chiese Reserves. It is a miracle to be operating as it is here and each worker and local person seen in these pictures would not be here except for God's special working. Behind the scenes in each picture, a special spiritual battle was going on to oppose it, and only because of answered prayer were these scenes made possible! The pictures are all current, showing recent activity of the last several weeks, with a couple going back a few months, since our last newsletter. So I just want to emphasize, how each person in these pictures, is here because of God's special working and answer to prayer.

It's my goal to include some video clips, for the first time. It is labor intensive to edit, assemble, compress, etc. to process the clips and get them posted. But I do hope to have them ready for this newsletter.

We can't be here without the faithful monthly support of individuals and churches that make this all possible, and these newsletters are our report to you, so you can see some of the activity your support has made possible.

This is the team that was here yesterday (April 17), from the Three Hills Bible College. A larger team last month took three vehicles to bring them all. We always get the 'Cream of the Crop', of the student body, for volunteers to come and help us with Sunday School and Services. This is due to the discipline and sacrifice required to spend 6 hours of travel just to come here and get back to the school. Then when they are here it is an exhausting day, certainly not a picnic. The Three Hills Bible College is running a special training class in the mountains, only one hour from here. We have had several students come from that class, and we are praying that they will get singnificantly involved with the mission since they are very close by. The school at Three Hills will soon be graduating their senior class, and the rest of the students will be leaving for the summer holidays. Each year we go through this change, and each year new students from the incoming student body take the place of those who leave, all because God works to put it in their hearts to offer themselves to do this. It really is a miracle.

We usually divide up into three or four classes of different age groups, and in seperate rooms, like this.

...And like this. Karen is still on her 'special assignment', helping our daughter, who is a single Mom, with her new baby. The teams are able to carry on now without any actual help from us, from beginning to end of our Sunday program. I monitor the activities, and typically all I have to do now is assist with incidentals that pop up. ( I remember one Sunday, several years ago, when the kids started three fires outside!! So we've come a long ways from that!

This is the Korean team that came over the holidays, from their Calgary and Red Deer churches. They are coming on a regular basis, every month, and are getting more involved now than ever before. This is one of our most promising developments here, and certainly very encouraging! They are wonderful people with a strong evangelistic spirit and drive to help. The picture shows it all, quite well.

This is the Korean team that was here two weeks ago, having their debriefing and prayer before leaving.

If it looks chaotic, it sort of is! The Koreans having a weekend youth group several weeks ago.

They get to spend a lot of time doing special things together.

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