O'Chiese Reserve

The O'Chiese Reserve is about 15 miles long. Over the years we have had regular services in the homes. For many years, every Sunday we held 3 regular services on O'Chiese. Our policy was, after having a service in a home for several years, to move it to a different home. Over the years, we have had regular services in each family area of the entire Reserve.

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O'chiese VBS 1999...O'Chiese VBS 1999. 15 pictures accessed from thumb prints.

o'chieseofficethumb...New O'Chiese Band Office & Nursing Station, dedicated July 22,1998

o'chieseschoolthumb...New O'Chiese School

alicethumb...Chief Alice Strawberry (seated), and councilor Theresa Strawberry

francisthmb...Francis Strawberry & Son

hidethumb...Ladies tanning a hide, July 22, 1998.

dryingthmb...Meat drying on rack, O'Chiese, July 22, 1998.

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