Sunchild News - June 2021

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At halloween last fall we had over 100 treaters. Due to Covid, folks didn't go to town for treats as many would normally do. So everyone did the rounds here on the Reserve.

We never finish building fence here because it is too big of a job to keep up with. Last week I cut and peeled some logs that I'm putting in here for a gate.

A while back we got a new wood cook stove...a once in a life time treat, to replace the old antique stoves we have always used. But we didn't get it set up, because we had to put in a dedicated chimney for it. Well, this spring I finally got the chimney put in and now we are able to use the stove. It serves as a backup for when the gas furnace goes out, which usually happens in the coldest weather and has taken several weeks to get fixed when it goes.

The firebox is the largest I've ever seen on a cookstove and easily holds a fire all night, or about 12 hours. The best fire wood we have here by far is Birch. But it is hard to find and ususally requires an suv type vehicle to get into it. The only way I can haul it out to a road to load in the pickup is with a snowmobile, since we don't have a 4-wheeler. I'm trying to get a garden tractor running to use with a small trailer, for summer cutting, but the tractor we have is too old to get parts to get it running.

A pot of vegetable soup will last just the two of us all week. This isn't our largest dutch oven either. Now, we're looking forward to the fresh garden vegetables which makes the best soup.

Our northern outreach has, out of necessity, been on hold for several years now. We still have regular contact with folks in the Arctic, but we have had to put all of our resources into Sunchild for the last several years. However, I have tried to keep current with the skills, licenses, and ability for when the door opens for us to resume our ministry in the Arctic, that I will be ready. Just as Covid was starting to hit North America, but before any restrictions were in place, I was able to attend a workshop in the States at an airplane factory. I hold an American Airframe & Powerplant mechanics license, but have only ever used it for mission work. Folks interested in the outreach can call and I'll be glad to share the information involved with that.

I haven't been able to hold violin classes for our students here at Sunchild for some time. We have been wanting to get the classes going again, but due to workload we need staff to come and help us with this to get it going again. It has been one of the most successful programs, as far as results, we have ever done, because the Native students have a great natural ability in music. I have been constantly upgrading myself by taking lessons and playing in an orchestra to keep current. Here is a violin bow rehair job I just finished. Some years ago I attended violin building workshops and have the equipment to rehair bows.

This picture was taken out of our bedroom window. In the early spring there was a fire a few hundred yards from here down on Coyote Creek. A helicopter was dropping water on it to stop it from spreading. The long-line is not visible and the water bucket is close to the ground behind the trees.

Please remember us in prayer and feel free to contact us for more information, prayer requests, or just to visit.

In His Service, ....Rodger & Karen Rinker

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