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Last Christmas Eve we had a church get together,  called Birthday Party For Jesus held in the cook tent.

The tent consists of a wood frame covered with a 16'x24'canvas wall tent. The tent gets a lot of use, expecially at VBS time when workers camp in the tent, store the food, and do all the cooking in it. It's also used for youth classes during Sunday School, VBS and other youth events. The canvas is rotting, and we are starting a project to replace it. It costs $1,800 and is needed for our August VBS. If we can't raise the funds by then we have to try to patch it up with tarps etc.. Just recently the roof section severely tore apart and we covered it with large tarps. This picture below shows the wood stove that keeps it toasty warm in the winter time no matter how cold outside.

This is Karen's birthday cake when folks got together for her party.

This was a Mother - Daughter get together that the Ladies held.

Last fall we held a Women's retreat here at the mission, and this day they are learning to make banana cream pies.

We had a special speaker from Edmonton that held classes for the Women's retreat. Another one is being planned now because it was very successful.

This is an early morning scene when the dew was very heavy on this spider web and we got a good picture showing the handywork of this tiny bug! Without the dew clinging to the silk, it would have been practically invisible, but there were actually a whole bunch of these in this area. This spider must have gone hungry though, because evidently the water kept it from being sticky enough to hold insects?

Late last fall we are getting the potaoes in from our garden. Our Husky dog Luna doesn't care for potatoes, but she digs up carrots and eats them!

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