Sunchild News - November 2016

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Sunchild Music Camp News Report

Page 2 will feature pictures of our music camp which was held for two weeks here at the mission. John & Jennifer Cockman, from Blowing Rock, North Caolina, held the camp with their daughters. Arwen, and Lorien, are accomplished musicians also and worked as teachers. Their youngest is Morgen. This family picture was taken down in North Carolina.

We had to divide classes up and hold some in our house, tent, and church. Here John is teaching fiddle in the church. The girls held piano classes in the house.

This is another picture of John holding class in the church. This is a hard job, but John has a special gift for working with the kids like this, and gets wonderful results.

Here John is holding class in the tent frame, which is normally our cook tent. He figured out an ingenius way to hold up the music sheets.

Another picture of John working in the tent.

The Sunchild public school, which has an enrollment of around 500 kids wanted the Cockman family to work with them in the school also! So for several days, over the two week period, they held classes for all the elementary classes in the school. This was a very wonderful opportunity to touch all of the elementary students on the Reserve! It was super busy days for the Cockmans.

This is another picture in the Sunchild School.

We put an announcement in the local paper inviting families to the camp. This is a family from town that traveled out to the Reserve to put several of their kids in the camp. The 5 members of the Cockman family is on the right side (Morgen is the 4 year old with glasses), and all the others on the left side is all one family. After the camp, they wanted their kids to continue taking violin lessons, so I've been going into Rocky and teaching six of these kids.

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