Sunchild News - November 2016

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This is the Korean team that held the O'Chiese VBS. The team stayed here at the mission and drove up to the O'Chiese Reserve to hold the VBS each day, as it is only two miles away. The pastor and team leader is Joshua, who is on the far right side. Joshua has been bringing teams to the Reserve now for 8 years, and also leads the teams that come each month to do the youth ministry here. I'm on the left side.

While Joshua's team was here for O'Chiese VBS, a group came from the Red Deer church to help out.

This is on the O'Chiese Reserve, where the VBS was held. It is held on Diane Beaverbones property in her yard. There was a scheduling conflict during this VBS, and many people were gone during this time.

One of the bathrooms in our church was never finished, so the Korean men installed the plumbing to get this bathroom functioning after so many years. Now we have two bathrooms.

This is craft time at our youth service which the Koreans hold for us on a regular basis.

this is one of Joshua's youth teams planning for the next two day event with the kids.

This is another picture of the craft time with the young folks. These kids are very gifted in art work and they love doing anything they can use their artistic talents.

This summer, the Jim & Ruby Mitchell family, from Cooking Lake, came many times to hold Sunday Services. They are on the right hand side of this picture. This particular Sunday they brought two other families with them to help out.

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