March 2024 Monthly Update --- e-mail --- phone 403-989-3715

Dear Friends,

These monthly updates contain news from just the one month. It you haven't seen the last newsletter or the January & February updates I would encourage you to check them out also.

One highlight in March was the Lacombe Music Festival, which I participated in several violin performances. But I couldn't take pictures since I was playing.

We had some good weather, but for the most part winter has carried on with temperatures around 0 farenheit at night throughout March.

Karen had a week off this month! See got to spend a week in Edmonton with Harry & Theresa Stelfox hosting her at their home.

Korean teams came to visit homes and invite teens out for their April youth ministy in the Chapel here and on the O'Chiese Reserve.

We have several of our elderly ladies who have been faithful over the years, who are sick and in the hospital. Please help pray for them. Pray also for the teen events the Koreans will be holding on both Reserves. In a few hours I will be leaving for a trip down to the States to have an exam for my knee operation, which will take another trip later, and to visit friends and churches back home and on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Please pray for traveling mercies and blessing on our visiting. Pray for Karen as she stays and holds all the services, Sunday School, Ladies meetings, and teen events while I'm gone in April. Karen also will be opening our ACE school for several students at the request of parents on April 2nd, and teaching school, as if she doesn't have enough to do! Pray for her as she carries this load. April 1st she will be meeting a friend from Old Crow, Yukon who is staying in Calgary and bringing her here to help her with the mission while I'm gone. Our special request is for volunteer help to come and stay here at the mission to help with everyday activities.

As you scroll through the pictures below, the captions will explain the events.

Karen is posing with her teen helpers and their Sunday School class in March.

Karen and Janelle with another Sunday School class in March.

In March the Koreans came with serveral teams to visit homes on both Reserves here. They will be holding a special post Easter event on both Sunchild & O'Chiese Reserves. We held a debriefing in the Chapel.

The last friday in March, George McGregor and his wife, and Wayne and Darcia Hoover conducted our Friday teen event in our Chapel.

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