Workers Needed

A great opportunity exists in our mission for virtually anyone with a heart to get involved. This has always been our greatest need. Some of the opportunities people have been involved in here are as follows.

Work Crews

We have had much of our work done by work crews, from as far away as Pennsylvania. We still have unfinished buildings which need drywalling, siding, etc., along with various projects to be done, such as welding projects, mechanic work, etc.. We welcome folks who want to come to work, and we can always set up some unforgetable vacation time for them, as we are right in the middle of one of the world's last great wilderness areas.


Our most popular short term ministry has been for teams to hold Vacation Bible Schools, here as well as in remote villages. Sometimes church youth groups have come to work with young people, and we've had families come to do this also. We have had teams come from as far as Florida, Norway, Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, as well as more locally, British Columbia, and Alberta. Some people like to do visitation work on Outreach trips with us to Indian Reserves, as well as here. It is something everyone should do at least once in their life!


We are always in need of those who can stay longer also. We desperately need permanent, or semi-permanent help. Someone to commit themselves to a definite term of service, to free up Karen and Rodger, for the Arctic ministry. However we certainly can use any willing helpers for any period of time they can come. Not only those can carry ministry responsibilities, but those who can help Karen with the children, or even 'house sit', kind of just keep the house warm to free us up to get away for a day or so. So if you can walk and feed yourself, you would have the qualifications to be of great service to us..really!


We have supervised internship programs for colleges. We have trained ministerial candidates in outreach evangelism. Karen is always bringing in Ladies with special skills in cooking or sewing, etc. to train ladies in her ladies meetings. She is in need of this kind of help now. We can provide some of the most specialized, remote area flight training in the world. Perhaps some of these positions would require a Mother Theresa, but I know and have seen folks who are up to it. Jesus challenges you to 'Launch out into the deep', and so do we.
First Step: E-Mail.