Support Projects

Update Dec. 2004 - Our Old Crow and Siberia projects are long range plans since we have come down from the Arctic to get our teens through High School. We are still involved in these projects and working on them in the long term.

Old Crow

...We are in the organizing stage of setting up a mission base of operations in Old Crow, Yukon. This is a major project as Old Crow is about a hundred miles above the Arctic Circle, and there are no roads anywhere near. This makes commercial building materials unavailable. We have to fly everything in that we can't get there. The primary material is logs, and they have to be floated down the river for up to 200 miles, in rafts. There are tools available now that we didn't use to have, such as a chain saw winch for pulling the logs to the river, and small chain saw, or band saw mills for cutting lumber out of logs. See News Update October 17th.


...Our outreach into Siberia is very different, because it does not involve buildings, vehicles, etc.. The primary expense is travel, language study, etc. The area we go into is very remote, making travel into it very expensive. Even when we fly our own airplane in, there are government fees and red tape making it expensive. We are in the planning stages for our next outreach trip into Siberia, and the primary need is finances to accomplish it, and personnel to take our place here so we can be free to go.