Equipment Donations

Often, individuals or organizations have items to donate that we are in need of and can put to good use. If you have something you are willing to donate, please check with us, as the chances are we can make good use of it. Because of our location and areas of operation, much of our equipment gets hard use and wears out. We are always in need of vehicles, and for the arctic includes boats, snowmobiles, etc.. Also, tools, equipment trailers, shortwave radios, airplanes...virtually anything large or small can be put to use. If you have something that has some good use left in it, please contact us and see if it's something we can use, and we will make arrangements as to how we can get it here. As we develop our base in the Yukon, we have need of many things. Musical instruments, Sunday School songs and stories, and the list could go on and on. Please contact us at:
Rodger & Karen Rinker
P.O. Box 975
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T1A7
Canada E-Mail