Recent News Update - August 7th, 1998


We recently visited the Abraham family, who live south of Rocky Mountain House, and took this picture. Rock & Linda are Stoney Indians from the Big Horn Reserve, out in the mountains, but they are not living on the reserve at this time. We have been friends for a long time. One of their children is not in this picture, while one is their son-in-law, and two are visitors. We are featuring them in our news update, because of some special prayer needs in their family. We have some other special needs from here on the Sunchild Reserve that have developed this week. Also, we are gearing up for our VBS which will be starting on the 19th. The director of EBM, Gerald Bustin may be here in a few days for a visit, but this is not confirmed yet. Our daughter Jenny, and her husband were home for a week and we all got to go out in the mountains for a day. We did have a miracle take place in taking them back to the airport in Edmonton when they left. We have about an hour of dirt roads starting out, and nearly two hours more when we reach the paved road, to get to Edmonton. About half way there we broke down, and we had no time to spare. I had pulled off on a little side road, and as soon as I lifted the hood, a large semi came down this side road, and had to stop before pulling out on the highway. He stopped beside us and asked us what was wrong. I was just explaining to him, when a pickup truck pulled off the highway because he spotted his brother - the fellow in the semi! So he found out our situation, rushed us into Drayton Valley and got the part we needed, came back, grabbed his tools, and in minutes we were on our way, and we asked for nothing. He volunteered it all. Yes, we did get them there in time to get on before the plane left!

How to use our web site for Prayer Requests.

I want to take time this week to speak about using this web site for prayer requests. Many who come to this web site are praying people, who have a prayer ministry in their personal lives, as well as in the churches. To give these people up to date needs to pray for is the greatest potential of this web site. A web site is a very public place, and it would be insensitive to list details of many things needing prayer. Definite praying, in faith, is the greatest power in this world. If you see anything on this site you have an interest in praying for...believe is needed! The easiest way to persue it, is, to send us an e-mail and tell us what subject you are interested in, or ask us for several of our choosing, and we will send you specific, definite, requests for prayer. Follow ups can be in general on the web site, or specific, by subsequent e-mails. We always have lots of burdens for prayer. This week a couple of tragedies have hit people very close to us here. I'm writing this in the middle of the night, and in a few hours we will be driving some distance to hold a missions service. We are preparing for an important VBS, and important decisions are being made soon, which will determine the future of Sunchild, as well as our future ministry. I was just on the phone until after midnight, with a leader of a national organization, who has given us just three days to choose some young people with special potential that they want to help. And on & on! So, to be really effective in prayer for needs here, you must contact us personally....Rodger

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