Sunchild News Update - September 10, 1998

We had a dramatic event here just moments ago, involving a 2 year old child by the name of Keiland. First some background. Keilands mother and sister were in church Sunday night. We had a real good service. Keilands mom, Maryann, gave an unusual prayer request. She told of strange events that had been happening all week. Their van rolled...there had been several accidents at work etc., involving family members. Keiland fell off the couch and broke his arm, etc. She requested prayer for the Lords protection and deliverance. As we do every Sunday we committed all to the Lords care for whatever came this week. Melissa prayed a very special prayer that touched us all. She had just won a gold medal in what is kind of a Canadian Indian Olympics in the hundred meter run, and is going to compete in the States. This family lives just a few hundred yards down our driveway. So then Tuesday, Maryann's daughter was rushed into the hospital for emergency treatment, but the doctors couldn't diagnose her problem. Today, she
found out the Band (Tribe) office is in the red, and she and most of her family will be laid off work. This afternoon our phone rang, followed shortly by a knock on the door. Little two year old Keiland had wandered out of the yard into the bush and was missing. We all just reacted in shock, and I followed the dad down the hill where we feared he could have gone...toward the creek. Jimmy, Keilands dad, went a long way down, and I went about half as far, thinking he had left too much distance in between for the first pass. Soon cars and people began pouring in and everyone went off in a different direction, while some just stood in the yard and watched to see what would happen. I saw Jimmy way down the hill up in the top of a tree where he could see over the alder brush. Maryann was out in the bush praying, "Jesus take care of my little boy wherever he's at." She was struggling because Keiland had held on to her when she was called to her office earlier, and she had a strange feeling then. Since the loss of our little Jesse in 1987, a very effective Search & Rescue organization has been organized and highly trained in Rocky Mountain House. I decided that enough time and effort had been spent to find him if he was nearby, and it was time to call in for an emergency search to be set up. Then I saw Melissa carrying little Keiland in her arms. She had gone down farther than anybody else and found him near the creek. His broken arm didn't hinder his hiking abilities. I was astonished, because he did exactly what was a worse case scenario, going straight for the water, and beyond where we all thought he would be at that time. But the Lord led his sister straight to him! So we all saw a dramatic answer to prayer. Maryann was choking back her tears as she told me, "Every day something happens...I don't know what to do...I don't know what's going on." So I would like to ask for prayer for her family, and that Maryann & Melissa will be strengthened spiritually to fight these battles, and that their faith will be stengthened as well. I took this picture of Melissa & Keiland, (notice his cast) shortly after she found him, a little to the right side of where you can see. A neighbor is looking on. The second picture shows some of the cars still by their house. All I could think about was Sunday night's service. What if we all hadn't been there and prayed? I've been updating the Sunchild link of our web page, and although this link isn't completed, a lot of information is there to inform about the local side of our work. It's at In His service, Rodger, Karen, & Family



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