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Directions to Sunchild Mission via the Sunchild Road

We highly recommending printing this entire page and taking it with you. When you hit the print command it will automatically print each photo with text on a separate page. At least on our computer it does!

Reference picture above...The starting point for our directions will be the 3rd traffic light on highway 11 in Rocky Mt. House coming from Red Deer. Please set your odometer to "0" right at this traffic light. We notice the mileages differ from one vehicle to another, so on the longer stretches your odometer will probably show slightly different numbers, but it will be close enough to identify the intersections. Our contact phone numbers, should you need to call us are: house # 403-989-3715, Rodger's cell #403-846-5648.





Rocky Intersection

Reference Picture above...This is a closer image of the 3rd traffic light where you will begin with your mileage at "0". Go straight through this intersection and stay on Highway 11. Your 1st turn off will be in approximately 30 Kilometers from this point.






Reference picture above...Do "NOT "Turn "Right" at this junction of 756 if you want to take the Sunchild Road which is paved. Go straight ahead. This intersection is 9.1 kilometers from the start point at the 3rd traffic light in Rocky. You will also notice that if your odometer shows something different than 9.1 at this point, then you can calculate how much difference to add or subtract to the following mileage numbers.

Reference picture above...You will turn right at this intersection which is approximately 30K from Rocky. The picture below is this same intersection as you get a hundred yards or so closer to the turn off.

Reference picture above...The same intersection as above approximately 30K from Rocky. When you turn right here the road goes straight north and expect the "next" turn will be about 20K from here, or about 50K from Rocky where you punched in 0.

Reference picture above...You will arrive at this intersection approximately 50K from Rocky. Turn right here. Expect next turn in about 10K from here.

Reference picture above...This green school sign is 1 kilometer from the mission. Turn left at this sign.






Reference picture above...After you turn at the green sign in the last picture drive straight ahead for 200 meters (0.2 kilometers) and you will see part of the road going straight ahead and a little to the right, but the main road curves off to the left. Be sure to follow the curve around to the left.






Reference picture above...As you swing around the curve in the the last picture start looking for our driveway off to the right just 100 meters (0.1k) ahead.






Reference picture above...This is where you turn right onto our driveway. It is three hundred meters (0.3kilometers) from the green school sign at the last intersection and exactly 700meters (0.7K) to the mission. There will be numerous driveways turning off from this road, but just stay on this road as it makes several turns to the right and goes almost in a circle.






Reference picture above...This is the end of the road and you have arrived at the mission!

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