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Print Library

>Because the pictures on this web site are sized at 72 dpi for monitor screen resolution, they do not print out very well on an inkjet printer. Also the sharpening is different for higher resolution print pictures than for monitors. So we are starting a print library of pictures ready for the printer. This will be useful for church's featuring >Missions prayer meetings, or for bulletin boards and etc.. Please e-mail your requests for any pictures found on our web site that you want to print out, and I will add one to the print library for your use, that is maximized for printing. The file sizes for these print photos will be large. They are around 500k, so could take a few minutes to download. When you download these pictures, they will appear excessively sharpened, when you view them on your monitor. This is because your monitor is only capable of displaying about 72 dpi, and your inkjet printer is capable of printing at least 150 dpi. So these files are for printing only, as they will not look very good on a monitor, and the download time is excessive. To remind you not to use these for e-mail etc., I'm adding the file size to the file name. If you've never tried photo quality paper in your printer, it will make a great difference over plain paper. You will need to set the properties for the type of paper you are using. It is our desire that you will use these photos as much as possible to enhance a 'mission's awareness' in your church or home. We will be adding to this library from time to time.

Please e-mail your request for pictures you want added to the Print Library.

If you don't have a folder for downloading, first right click on desktop and select 'New', then 'Folder', and name it. Then return to this page and right click on thumbprint, choose 'Save As', and select the download folder you made. When download is complete, right click and select 'Back' to return to to this page and resume navigation from here.

We have a brochure that can be printed on a sheet of paper and folded as a conventional brochure. The links to the front and back side are below.

The brochure is a .doc file type, which can only be opened in a word processing program. We use Open Office, but many people use Microsoft Office and there are others as well. So the way to print it is as follows. Right click on the Brochure link below and select the 'save link as' option. Save the link to a location such as the desktop or anywhere you can find it later and wait while the file downloads. Save both pages, the front side and back side. Then open the files in your word processor and print it off.

Brochure - Front Side

Brochure - Back Side

Rinker Family Picture 653K jpg Winter 2002 picture of the Rinker family. Print size width=4.5 height=3.35
Ft. McPherson Girl 561K jpg This is one of the girls who attended the 2000 Ft. McPherson VBS. Print size width=5.75 inches height=5.3 inches.
Ft. McPherson VBS Crafts 551K jpg These children from Ft. McPherson, in the Canadian Northwest Territories, are displaying crafts made in the 2000 VBS. Print size width=7.1 inches height=5.3 inches.
VBS Team Staff 460K jpg This is the team of workers who conducted the 2000 VBS in Ft. McPherson. They are from the Far North Missionary Fellowship in Alaska. Print size width=6.1 inches height=4.8 inches
3 Sunchild Girls 460K jpg Three Sunchild girls who often visit in our home. Print size width=7.1" height=5.3"
Eye of God 228K jpg Hubble Space Telescope deep space image dubbed "The Eye of God" Print size height=5" width=4.92"

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