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This page was started on April 28, 2000. We will be adding to it.


Home / Sunchild Mission / Outreach / News Updates / Devotions / Pictures of the week

Evangelical Bible Mission Evangelical Bible Mission. New web site being developed for our parent organization in Summerfield, Florida.
Daily Snoopy Comic Strip Snoopy Daily Strip. Check the daily snoopy comic strip. Save your favorite strip by right clicking on it, and save it to your Snoopy folder. In time you'll have your own custom Snoopy book. I do.
Official Old Crow, Yukon Web Site. Prepared by the Old Crow Band. Even has Edith Joses' 'Here Are The News".
Porcupine Caribou Herd Satellite Tracking Site. Follow the Caribou herd in the Yukon and Alaska. Absolutely useless to you unless you know the country up there. But it is interesting to see modern technology's involvement in nature's mysteries, and they have some interesting pages on caribou. This is a vast remote area,which we have been all over by canoe, skidoo, rafting, flying, hiking.
Bible Browser. On line Bible in several translations. Search feature acts as on line concordance. You can hyperlink references on your site to bring up the text from this site! Think about that! Site designed to work very fast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Good Clean Funnies. Have a daily joke e-mailed to you. Archives.Recommended.

Cybersalt Pastor Tim's Clean Humor Site. If you like good humor, check out this site. Can also get a daily joke e-mailed to you. Recommended.